“I Care A Lot” Review

Story posted February 22, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Cade Miller.

“I Care A Lot” is a film masterpiece, unlike any story before. It is unlike any comedic drama ever seen before.

J Blakeson, the director and writer, is known for his work of “The Disappearance of Alice Creed” and “The 5th Wave.” But his newest movie makes even his best work subpar.

Most comedic drama, aka. “Dramadies,” are very relationship driven. They focus on some sort of couple or family. Not this movie.

“I Care A Lot” is about a woman named Marla who works with doctors to seek out older retirees who are very wealthy. They bring the note of the doctor into a court hearing and the judge assigns a legal guardian to these elder people.

This is where Marla Grayson comes in.

Marla is now in charge of all their finical over seeing. She puts the people into a caring facility and sells all of their belongings.

Marla is a cold-hearted, mean woman who has nothing but a lust for money.

During the beginning of this film, the audience sees this vile woman taking innocent people’s money and taking them away from their families. The audience is made to hate her.

Then, as she swipes away all of the belongings from a woman named Jennifer Peterson, something wrong starts to happen. A lawyer shows up to convince Marla that she should release Jennifer from the caring home.

When she refuses, Marla’s easy, nothing to everything life becomes a fight for her life.

Peter Dinklage, a dangerous and wealthy Russian mobster, who personally knows Jennifer, steps in and starts to make Marla’s life hell.

During the beginning, the audience hates this woman. She’s cruel and only wants change for her pocket. But as the film goes on, Marla finds herself in a very difficult situation.

It’s almost as if she turned from the antagonist, straight to the protagonist. By the end, the audience is rooting for her.

This is not an easy thing to do. Usually, once a film has the antagonist, they are the villain throughout the story. But not in this case.

It does a complete 360.

The cinematography in this film is also phenomenal, especially the use of slow motion. In “I Care A Lot,” slow motion is to draw out the dramatic scenes.

When Jennifer is forcefully put into the elderly home, it is all in slow-motion.

It’s as if the director wanted the audience to feel the emotions of Jennifer. As her freedom slowly drifts away, the audience feels the sadness and scaredness.

The color in this film is also something to be recognized. In today’s world, more and more color is being put into the modern business casual clothing.

This movie does great to incorporate this into the costumes. Marla is known for three things, her short blonde hair, her giant vape pen, and her very vibrant suits.

Not just with costumes, but the sets are full of color. The houses they sell are very colorful.

This just shows that the creators put a lot of thought into the design of the film.

All-in-all, “I Care A Lot” is a fantastic film with a plot line unlike any other that keeps an audience on the edge of their chairs.

Rating: 4/5

Cade Miller is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email at cam7095@psu.edu.