“Invincible” Episode 5 Review

Story posted April 14, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Jon Mead.

“Invincible” continues to impress viewers and audiences that watch it, as the latest episode just left off on a massive cliffhanger.

Fans get to see more development of a character that made a smaller appearance in episode one, the villain Titan, who had been previously caught by Mark Grayson while trying to rob a jewelry store and has the ability to transform his body into solid rock.

Titan is played by critically acclaimed and academy award-winning actor Mahershala Ali, an amazing addition to an already awesome cast of actors and actresses.

We see the unlikely duo- Grayson being a rich a kid from the suburbs- team up with each other, as Titan tries to escape his boss, Machine Head, who has made threats toward his family if he doesn’t work with him.

Invincible is at a moral crossroads, deciding whether or not to help him or continue to be a “big picture” kind of hero that his father wants him to be- again questioning the motives and morality of Omni-man.

While we saw a little bit of it in episode four, viewers see Invincible continue to struggle balancing his hero and normal life. Taken up by his hero responsibilities and training from his father Omni-man, Mark continues to be late on Amber.

It's a continued question on whether Grayson’s relationship with Amber will be a thing in the future. Will he ever reveal his superhero identity to her?

In the last episode, the audience also saw Debbie Grayson, Invincible’s mother, question who her husband really is as she’s lead by hints and a mysterious notebook left by Damien Darkblood.

Will Debbie be the one to find out what Nolan (Omni-Man) did to the Guardians of the Globe? If she does find out, what does that mean for their relationship?

Omni-Man has taken violent and often drastic measures in protecting the planet Earth and himself.
Although touched upon briefly, we also see Robot continue to be a suspicious character, as he meets with the Mauler twins in their lair, asking them for a favor.

The episode concludes with Titan and Invincible having an all-out clash with Machine Head and his incredibly powerful goons. Mark is pushed to his absolute limit, even with the assistance of the new Guardians- Monster Girl, Dupli-Kate, Black Samson, Rex-Splode, Shrinking Ray and Robot.

Mark takes a hammer to the chest, already battered and bloody, and leads minds to think he’s on the verge of death.

Monster Girl is also left in critical condition, with Robot cradling her in his arms.

The team is only saved after enemies retreat and the Global Defense Agency arrives.
What will happen next and what is the fate of Invincible?

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