Video posted April 27, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Julia Gallelli. Updated: May 3, 2018


Anthony Zingerman is a 23-year-old New Jersey dj. While working in marketing at a nearby Audi car dealership daily, Anthony moonlights as a pretty successful music producer. He produces EDM music for big names in the industry, but he keeps his success and name under the wraps. He deals with a personal battle of fame versus having a normal life and still doing what he is passionate about- producing music.

Anthony is a very opinionated guy. He really wants to change the face of EDM music little by little because he feels that what is out there on the "mainstream" is just talentless. He has seen some of the biggest names in the industry just spiral downward from all of the crazy hours, demands, alcohol and parties, women etc that it has turned him away from becoming a part of that hectic lifestyle.

Anthony's family life is good. He still lives at home with his younger siblings Rachel and Christopher. He produces music in a soundproof studio in his basement. His mother is very supportive of his choices and she knows his father would be too if he were still alive. His father passed from cancer about 3 years ago. Anthony's intense work ethic stems from his everyday goal to make his dad proud.