J.I.D. – DiCaprio 2 Album Review

Story posted December 1, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Jerome Taylor.

J.I.D. made a splash in the hip-hop scene last year after signing to J. Cole’s Dreamville label and releasing The Never Story. J.I.D.’s freshman album was well received and he was lauded for his ability as a rapper causing high expectations for his next release. On J.I.D.’s sophomore offering, DiCaprio 2, he does not disappoint as he delivers an impressive project from start to finish highlighting his technical rapping skills and impressive ear for production.

J.I.D. offers an explosive entrance into his second studio album with the second track of the project, “Slick Talk” where he sends an open challenge to the rap game when he raps,  “Ripping s***, intimate, infinite rhyme kicking, l-l-let's begin/ Who's your list? Your top 10? You can say whoever better than/ I'm ready now, I was ready then.” This bar serves as purely a small sample of what J.I.D. is capable of because throughout the project J.I.D. showcases his ability to construct internal rhymes and intricate rhyme schemes. J.I.D.’s lyrical showcase continues when J. Cole’s tries his hand at his double-time flow on the album’s second single “Off Deez,” which results in an amazing display of lyrical ability by both rappers.

Although the most remarkable aspect of the album is J.I.D.’s technical lyrical ability, he also showcases the ability to provide social commentary, be introspective, and deliver impressive R&B cuts during the middle of DiCaprio 2. On “Off da Zoinkys,” J.I.D. provides commentary on the negative aspects of drugs in his own life and the lives of his peers. J.I.D. perfectly toes the line of being conscious without coming off as preachy by showcasing his ability to effortlessly flow over the head-nod inducing beat provided by Christo. J.I.D. also reflects on his dissatisfaction with his newfound fame on “Workin Out,” when he raps, “Wasn't 'round when you had the dirty house/ Now they won't leave when you kick 'em out.” This lyric and the reflective chorus highlights J.I.D.’s discontent with fame. J.I.D. teams with frequent collaborator 6lack and Ella Mai on “Tiiied,” where he and his collaborators express their displeasure with different aspects in their respective relationships to create a chill vibe in the middle of the album.

The third and final part of DiCaprio 2 is a final display of just how impressive J.I.D. is as a rapper. The greatest example of this is on “Mounted Up,” where J.I.D. absolutely lets loose over the beat showcasing his breathtaking breath control on the second verse. The final aspect of the album also includes, “Just da Other Day,” which provides a song that his fans can actually rap along to unlike many of his other songs that employ a double-time flow that will solely leave many in amazement. The song serves as a chant-worthy retrospective for J.I.D. who looks back on a time where he was in a much different position than he is today.

The production on the album is primarily handled by Christo who provides heavy hitting beats to perfectly complement the rapid rate at which J.I.D. raps. J.I.D. and Christo’s chemistry is apparent throughout the project and their cohesion serves as a huge factor for why this album is enjoyable. Several other producers contribute to the project including Kenny Beats, ChaseTheMoney, J. Cole and others. The late Mac Miller also contributes to the project as an arranger on “Workin Out” and “Skrawberries.” The most refreshing aspect of the project has to be DJ Drama who provides the perfect amount of hype to a number of songs by employing some of his most enjoyable tactics as a mixtape host on the album, such as his  on-beat announcement of J.I.D. or his villainous laugh at the end of “Mounted Up” expressing his pleasure with J.I.D.’s bars.

DiCaprio 2 is an impressive album with each song perfectly complementing each other and J.I.D. exceeds expectations on this project and should start being aligned amongst other high-level rappers. From the energetic intro to the victory lap on “Hasta Luego,” DiCaprio 2 is an enjoyable listen from start to finish.

Rating: 8/10



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