“The Adam Project” Movie review

Story posted March 21, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Evan Smith.

“The Adam Project” is a sci-fi buddy film that was released on Netflix on Mar. 11, 2022. The project was produced and directed by Shawn Levy, who is a common partner of Ryan Reynolds, most recently working together on the theatrical film “Free Guy’ and the upcoming Marvel Studios film “Deadpool 3.”

Levy holds many producer credits as well including recognizable projects “Stranger Things” and “Real Steel.” The production and dialogue lead this movie to stand out among the sci-fi genre.

Levy’s producing past shines throughout the film, with elements of filmography that lean more into horror mystery films making for interesting viewing. This is a mix with Reynolds’ upbeat charm that allows for a mock-horror vibe throughout the film.

Reynolds also has great chemistry with co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Walker Scobell. Scobell shines through with his performance showing the potential he has to be a superstar in Hollywood. The 13-year-old pulls off his quips and snarky style in a manner on par with Ryan Reynolds himself. The combo provides an engaging lead pair for the film to base around.

The film begins with Adam Reed’s (Reynolds) spaceship crashing into the yard of his younger self. The two eventually connect that they are the same people as the future version of Adam explains his life to the boy. The death of Adam’s father affects both characters, with the older Adam attempting to find him to save the future.

The conflict throughout the film is between both Adams and their lives, as well as between older Adam and the leaders of his future world. The two are chased throughout the modern world before Adam finally moves further into the past, before the climax of the movie.

A subplot is revealed towards the end of the film when the realization hits that Adam’s true goal is to find his wife, who he believed was killed by his boss in the future. The couple devolves into a miniature romantic comedy as the film progresses.

The film mixes elements of sci-fi, romantic comedy, buddy films, and horror movies positively throughout. The special effects even look better than larger-scale theatrical releases of recent times. Most of the film takes place in the year 2022, which is portrayed as slightly more advanced than real life. The whole package shows a convincing portrayal of this alternative reality.

The dialogue between the main cast of characters is what makes this film stand out from others within its genre. The scenarios involving the future and past Adam show the difference between youthful wonder and the pain of growing up in a shameful world.

There are moments in the script that will have anyone laughing out loud, while also having introspective moments that would bring anyone watching to the verge of tears. These are the moments that make “The Adam Project” a unique experience.

While “The Adam Project” does nothing that hasn’t been seen before in a sci-fi movie, its emotional toll and personal dialogues give the movie a leg up within its popular genre. Anyone who enjoys Ryan Reynolds’ work will enjoy this project.

Rating: ⅗ stars

Evan Smith is a first-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email ers5828@psu.edu.