True Life: I Want To Be a Rapper

Video posted December 5, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Rakyra Lockhart.


Angelina Khan better known as Angie on Mars has a larger than life personality. Her friends think she is a nonstop party who constantly has high energy, but if you ask Angie who she really is she reveals she is similar to an onion.

From the outside looking in she gets mistaken for her persona a lot. Angie has multiple layers to her that many don’t get the privilege to see. Angie on Mars, her most notable personality, is described as an experience and because of it her friends think that’s who she really is.

The calmer version, Angie on the other hand, who she is 75% of the time thinks differently. Angie feels like the best way to reach the success she wants and to be able to tell the world her story is by gaining acknowledgment through her alter ego, in order to fully blossom into the individual she was born to be. 

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