18 Years of Athletic Commitment

Video posted April 25, 2017 in Sports by Devan McCluskey


In May 2016 a crowd at the Bryce Jordan Center watched Jacqueline Zuhse walk across the stage and accept her diploma in economics and francophone studies. But, what many in attendance did not know was that Zuhse would not be leaving Penn State.

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Fast forward to August 2016 and Zuhse had indeed not left Penn State but was back at Penn State beginning her MBA program. This last year would be a new obstacle for Zuhse-- trying to juggle her arduous practice schedule that the Penn State tennis team demands alongside the demands of the MBA program. A lack of sleep became a consistent trend in her day to day life. Zuhse saw herself waking up at 6 am for workouts and then hustling over to the Business Building for her 8am lectures. But, this year was just beginning to the end of a career Zuhse had spent 18 years fostering.

At the age of four years old Zuhse began to play tennis. It was a passion that grew as the years went on. Her ability to compete at a high level saw Zuhse travel around Europe, specifically France and gain international experience playing tennis while also preparing her for B1G commitment in 2012. Which was a full-ride scholarship to Penn State.

After her freshman year at Penn State, Zuhse came back her sophomore year and got injured. The year that followed was difficult according to Zuhse, for a brief period of time she lost the sport she loves. However, this injury would ultimately result in a red-shirt year that would be a blessing in disguise. Zuhse would get the opportunity to compete another year in the Blue and White uniform.

Fast forward to Spring 2017 and Zuhse is approaching the end of her tennis career. Though this will be a tough goodbye for Zuhse, she is looking forward to what the future holds for her in life after college tennis. 

Video: Advice from a former teammate

Katherine Whiteaway, a former Women's Tennis player for the Nittany Lions, from Sawbridgeworth, England draws from her experience of leaving the game to be able to give some advice for Jacqueline Zuhse.