Controversial European Super League Results in Massive Outcry from Fans

Story posted April 22, 2021 in Sports, CommRadio by Maclain Young

The world football community has been turned on its head the past couple of days. The announcement of a new breakaway European Super League from 15 of Europe’s top clubs left fans, managers and players alike outraged.

This league would have matches played in the middle of the week and would not have relegation like all the domestic leagues around Europe. It was stated that the Super League clubs would receive 3.5 billion euros for joining.

Instantly after the initial announcement on Sunday night, there was outrage across Europe and social media. Many called out the greed of the owners of the Super League clubs and declared the death of football.

Fans of teams in the proposed European Super League hung banners outside their stadiums stating their distaste for the breakaway league. As the news rolled on, coaches and players spoke out, claiming to be blindsided and upset by the new development.

UEFA announced that any player participating in the Super League would not be allowed to play for their countries in the World Cup. Domestic leagues like the English Premiere League said that teams who joined the Super League would be banned and if they wished to rejoin would have to start in the lowest division.

The reason so many have been angered over the creation of a new European Super League is because it goes against all that world football is about. In the current format, small teams can work their way up the divisions and have the chance to play on the biggest stages with top clubs.

Stories like the 2015/2016 Leicester City team never happen in a European Super League. The small club that hardly anyone had ever heard of, a club that had 5,000/1 odds to win the English Premiere League that season, pulled off an amazing miracle by becoming champions.

Now the Foxes have become a constant competitor, continuing to build their club from the success and winnings of that campaign. The European Super League gets rid of this hope for any small team, being a competition exclusive to Europe’s richest clubs.

Luckily, through fan protests, player outcry and condemning words from mangers everywhere, the European Super League is in shambles. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are all reportedly backing out and many experts think the Super League is through.

Fans are celebrating a massive victory as they seem to have triumphed over the greedy owners of Europe’s top teams. It looks like for now; world football is saved.

Maclain Young is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email