Video posted April 29, 2017 in Sports by Bryan Dougherty



No Blocks

Stay Outta Bitch Zone

Shut The F***ing Gate


These are only a few of the rules that players enforce on themselves and each other every Sunday at Chestnut Branch Park in Mantua, New Jersey.  Promptly at 3-ish, competitors of all different backgrounds and ages go to the tennis courts with dodge balls in hand, ready to pitch them at the enemy team. Once the game ends, they applaud, reset the balls and line right back up, all the while joking and having a good time with good friends. From humble beginnings, this weekly activity has become much more for the many people involved.  Dante Sisto and Jake Boyle were both involved from the start, and their passion goes far beyond the game most people only played in high school. It's gotten pretty big - actually some would say the growth is alarming - but how far is it going to go?


Before every dodge ball session, Sisto creates a Snapchat story in the style of old WWE wrestling callouts to stir up excitement and rivalry on the court. In this one, Sisto makes sure you know that he's the champ.