Joe Paterno House Report

Video posted November 8, 2011 in CommRadio, Sports by WIllie Jungels / Patrick Woo

Joe Paterno is seen leaving his house to go to football practice and says a few words to the media before heading on his way on Tuesday afternoon:

Video by: Willie Jungels

Joe Paterno addresses students in front of his house on Tuesday night. In the video he says:

“You know we had…there’s been some criticism of the way we’ve handled some of the poor victims. You know my wife and I, we have 17 grandkids from 16 to three. We pray for them every night, but we’re gonna start praying for those kids that got some of the problems we talked about. They don’t deserve it. We owe it to them to say a prayer for them to make sure they understand that their life can still be enriched.”

Video by: Willie Jungels

Joe Paterno walks outside his house to address the media and fans.

Video by: Patrick Woo