NFL Betting: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

Story posted February 1, 2023 in CommRadio, Sports by Jameson Kramer

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Well after all of the crazy games, insane plays and close finishes, the NFL season is down to only one game. The paths for these two teams to arrive at this game has been pretty similar this season.

Both the Eagles and the Chiefs went 14-3, won their division, got the first-overall seed and won their conference, obviously. There is no shortage of storylines in this game, from Andy Reid (and Nick Sirianni) coaching against his former team to the Kelce brothers facing off, the first time ever a pair of brothers have played against each other in the Super Bowl.

Jalen Hurts can begin to shape his legacy with a win, and Mahomes can move into the next tier of all-time greats at the quarterback position with a win in this game.

It’s a well known fact that sports betting never stops, and Super Bowl Sunday is a great example of that. With there being odds for just about anything you can think of, picking the best bets is no easy task.

I’ll highlight some of my favorite bets for this year's upcoming game, some serious, some not so much.

Over 14.5 points combined in the 2nd quarter (+105)

This might be my favorite bet of them all for this game.

Heading into the game, Philadelphia has scored 12.4 points per game in the second quarter by themselves, which was the best in the league. The Eagles have made their hay in the second quarter all season, setting a record for second quarter points through the first six games of the season.

The Chiefs on the other hand, are averaging 10.1 points per game in the 2nd, which ranks third in the NFL this season. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have also become known for their second quarter explosions, scoring in bunches when they’ve needed to.

Add in the fact that Andy Reid is one of the best offensive play callers in NFL history and is coming off of a bye, you have a recipe for a lot of points in the second. Between the two teams, they average 22.5 points per game in the second quarter, eight points higher than the spread.

Combine the suspect Chiefs defense with Andy Reid calling plays on the other side, and there is a huge potential for points here, slam the over in the 2nd quarter.

Over 0.5 4th down conversions for the Chiefs (+100)

Andy Reid and the Chiefs have never been shy about going for it on fourth downs, especially not in big games.

Even without Patrick Mahomes, Reid rolls the dice, as we saw in the playoffs against the Browns in 2021 when Chad Henne converted on a 4th down to send them to the AFC Championship game.

The Chiefs have made the Super Bowl two other times since Mahomes has been there, and have converted at least one fourth down both times. The Chiefs also converted a fourth down attempt last week against the Bengals to advance to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City not only goes for it a lot, but they are very efficient doing so. This season, the Chiefs had a 76.92% conversion rate, which ranked second in the entire league.

A team is more inclined to go for it on fourth down if they are behind by a significant margin, or the score is close. Since I cannot envision the Chiefs blowing out the Eagles, I think this is a pretty safe bet.

“The Kick of Destiny”

In what is one of the best Super Bowl ads I have seen thought-up, former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski will be kicking a 25-yard field goal during the third quarter live on air.

According to the website, Gronkowski doesn’t even have to actually make the kick for your $5 bet to earn you a portion of $10 million in free bets on FanDuel.

Had Gronkowski actually been required to make the kick, I would stay away from this one, but this risk-free bet will certainly make watching the game a bit more fun.

Put $5 down on Gronk and watch the magic of television play out right before your eyes.

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