The Comeback Kid

Video posted April 24, 2018 in Sports by Cory Weinstein


A year and a half ago, high school student Josh Cohen from Oakland, NJ got hit with news that no one would ever want to hear…he had cancer. Josh comes from an extremely loving and caring family that is very close.

Everyone knows Josh from school and knows how good of a kid he is. After learning about this, Josh had to change many ways about the way he lived his life. He had to be very careful being around people who were sick, he lost his appetite, and every day was more difficult.

Josh has a passion for baseball and pitched for his high school team in New Jersey. After getting diagnosed with cancer, Josh knew that he had to fight hard both physically and mentally in order to pitch again. Josh came back an even better and stronger pitcher than he was before.

He struggled day in and day out but always had a positive mindset throughout all the tough times. Josh said that he had such a great support system to get him through this and that’s exactly what he did. There were many times when he was very miserable and worried that he might not make it. This has affected his life dramatically and he now looks at life in a very different way.