The Spirit of a Lion

Story/Video posted December 3, 2017 in Sports by MJ Mughetto


Trisston Conway is a cheerleader for Penn State. He initially wanted to play football for the Nittany Lions but when that didn’t work out, his life took a different direction. It has been an experience that he will always remember because he gets to perform on " literally one of the biggest stages in the world”.

VHJpc3N0b24gQ29ud2F5IHdpdGggdGVhbW1hdGVzLiA=Trisston Conway with teammates. (Photo by MJ Mughetto)

Trisston says it has not always been easy putting in long hours and learning the very technical skills which the sport requires. He has learned how to lift somone into the air, catch them and even do a backflip. With great support from his family, teammates and coaches who have dedicated their lives to this, he has grown as a competitor.

“Basically it’s school and cheer”, says Conway. This sport takes a lot of dedication and you have to be willing to put in the work. He must balance school and practice, never forgetting his top priorities. Conway says the program feels like one big family and while there is a competetive edge, they all support eachother. 

Moving forward, the cheerleading team has a Penn State bowl game and nationals.

How it happened

Trisston explains how he got involved with the Cheerleading program.