Bazzi - “Infinite Dream” Album Review

Story posted September 25, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Nick LaRosa

Ever have a dream so good where waking up is not an option? Well, Bazzi is back, and the talented young artist has released “Infinite Dream,” his first project since his 2019 mixtape “Soul Searching.” The dreamy, vibey pop album reaches out to listeners who long for love or excitement.

For new listeners, Bazzi is an artist who exploded onto the scene when his 2017 single “Mine” became popular on Snapchat and TikTok. The duetted version of his single “Beautiful” featuring Camila Cabello also became a popular radio hit in 2018.

As he has done in the past with his breakthrough 2018 album “Cosmic,” Bazzi does a good job of blending upbeat and melancholy thoughts to take the listener on an epic and emotional journey. While he doesn’t create anything groundbreaking, and his lyrics aren’t particularly thought-invoking, he is consistent in his feelings, and the lo-fi/synth sounds that he’s used in the past are present once again.

“Infinite Dream” continues Bazzi’s musical path of self-reflection, focusing on love, youth, and finding himself. In the track “Young & Alive,” he yearns for a simpler life: “Careless and free like it’s 2005/Had to chill my life out, take a trip outside/to have fun with my friends like I’m young and alive.”

On the track “dlma </3” featuring LANY, Bazzi shows his vulnerable side singing “The world is fake, so we can play pretend/if you come over would you love me again?... Ooh, don’t leave me alone tonight.”

He also shares this heartbreak and emotion in tracks like “Will It Ever Feel The Same?” and “Little Miss Sunshine” on which he sings “Little Miss Sunshine, know that I want you/Sad time vibes forever and ever/so come in my arms and make it all better.”

The album didn't necessarily have any bad songs, but it didn’t really have true standouts either. The song “Miss America” has the quick tempo and makings of a radio hit, while the only song that felt like it didn’t fit was “Lost In The Simulation.” The beat didn’t really flow well compared to the others as it had an almost Western style to it that didn’t make sense.

There were 19 tracks on the album, which is a lot, even though it was only 48 minutes long. He definitely would have benefitted by condensing the album instead of adding songs that felt like fillers.

With “Infinite Dream,” Bazzi continues to make good music, but this project won’t put him in the tier of artists with similar sounds yet, like Justin Bieber and Khalid. After listening, I don’t think it has the replay value that “Cosmic” has, but it is around the same level as “Soul Searching.”

I’m not disappointed in the album, but I definitely thought it could have been better. A few of the tracks were singles that were released one or two years ago.

I’m hoping for another release next year. Although artists are supposed to evolve their sound, I think “Cosmic” was a great start to his career, and as the old saying goes: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Rating: 6/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Heaven,” “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Young & Alive”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: “Lost In The Simulation” “Bird” and “Middle Man”


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