Fashion Column: Freezing and Fabulous: THON Tips

Story posted February 17, 2014 in CommRadio by Jane Moreland

As every Penn State Student knows, THON is quickly approaching.  Over my last three years attending THON, I've accumulated some beauty tips and tricks to keep you looking your best during those long hours. 

First, according to a source at the THON office, people entering the Bryce Jordan Center during the weekend will only be allowed a small drawstring bag or fanny pack.  This severely limits what kinds of supplies you can bring.  I will try to give you some idea as to what basic beauty products will give you the biggest bang for the space allowed. 

If you don't know this secret yet, bow down, because it is a miracle worker!  Baby powder.  I know it sounds weird, but sprinkle some into your hair when it's looking a little greasy or dirty and then brush it out. You will look and feel brand new.  They sell mini bottles of baby powder at Walmart, CVS and possibly McLanahan's.  Baby powder is also great to put in your shoes.  If your feet are getting hot or damp, put some baby powder in your socks and shoes.  I guarantee you'll feel, and even smell, a whole lot better.  Basically anywhere you're not feeling fresh and dry, apply a little bit of baby powder and I promise you'll notice a difference. 

Second, a pressed powder with a little bit of pigment is the perfect thing to get rid of shine on your face and keep you looking fresh.  I use E.L.F.'s (eyes, lips, face) Studio Translucent Matifying Powder.  It is only $3, and it comes with an application sponge and a mirror in a slim compact.  Use this instead of applying more and more foundation throughout your stay at THON.  A lot of layers of foundation will make you look cakey and clog your pores, whereas a matifying powder on top of your foundation will wick away oil and give you additional light coverage. 

Third, bring a toothbrush and a mini bottle of toothpaste.  Brushing your teeth after you eat will wake you up and make you feel fresh.  You'll be smiling a lot throughout the weekend, so you don't want anything to sabotage your pearly whites.  Try the travel section at Walmart.  They have so many different mini-products, and most of them cost under $1!  This is the perfect place to stock up on mini goodies that will keep you supplied all weekend. 

Fourth, invest in a tennis ball.  If you've been to THON before you know how awesome a tennis ball feels rolled under your tired feet.  Packs of three are available at Walmart for around $3 or less.  My advice is to get a color other than plain yellow.  A lot of people bring these to THON and those who don't, borrow others.  The last thing you want is for yours to go missing.  Even if you get a different color, write your name on it in sharpie!  Hey, have a little fun and decorate it if you want.  After all, THON only comes once a year.

Fifth, don't forget deodorant!  Unfortunately, the long hours, close contact, and often-hot BJC does not breed fresh, wonderful smelling people.  You most definitely do not want to be the person in your section that smells bad.  If you’re looking for what kind to get, I've always liked the Secret Scent Expressions in the invisible solid. 

Lastly, bring a moisturizing lip balm.  Senior Morale Committee Member Ashley Keffer recommends Maybelline's Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balm.  It combats dry lips while providing 12-hour hydration.  This product is available at Walmart for around $3.50.   

That's all for me!  Have a wonderful and beautiful THON 2014 weekend!

  • -Jane

Jane Moreland is a senior majoring in telecommunications. To contact her, email