Netflix - “Dated & Related” TV Series Review

Story posted September 8, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Emily McGlynn

Hey Netflix, maybe change the name of this new reality TV show? It sounds a little suspicious. But so is the concept of this show. It was meant to be.

Netflix released a new reality television series called “Dated & Related.” The show is about siblings or two relatives who go to a luxurious place, Cannes in the South of France, in an attempt to find love. Will finding love right next to their relative work, or ruin everything?

The winner gets $100,000, which is absolutely nuts. Where is this money coming from?

The show is hosted by “Too Hot to Handle” alumni Melinda Berry. Coincidence? No, there’s definitely a reason for that.

Everyone loves shows like “Love Island” and “Bachelors in Paradise.” People like these shows for the drama, love and challenge.

The twist of this new show is just weird and wrong. There is nothing wrong with wanting and being close to a sibling. However, there are some things that are left up to one’s imagination. Dating, love and flirting are a few of those things.

People wouldn’t want to know how their parents really got together, would they? Maybe that question should not be answered.

The pairings that are on this show are…interesting. It is safe to assume that just about everyone is full of themselves. But a lot of them are actually looking for love. They can only find love unless they have approval from their relatives. The majority of the time, the pairs are flirting with others.

This series focuses a lot on being the ‘wing-man’ and can it work? When does someone overstep their boundaries? Will a family pair be interested in the same person? The viewers will have to find out. But do they really have to find out?

This show is hard to watch. There is too much pressure on this show to work and it shows.

It is an exact replica of “Too Hot to Handle” and it can put a bitter taste in viewers’ mouths. “Too Hot to Handle” is arguably a good show because of the concept, drama, and end goal.

“Dated and Related” is lacking all of these things. Netflix wanted a new love-drama reality show and this was the best they could come up with? It seems like Berry wanted more spotlight time and she agreed to be a part of this show.

On another note, the cringe-ness of this show is beyond belief. There are stereotypical things that people born in the millennial time period and in the Gen-Z time period say and act like. Netflix casts the worst of the worst people that go along with these stereotypes and it may hurt many people’s ears.

Overall, there is too much pressure on this show to work. It’s just flat-out weird.

To answer the question, skip it or stream it? Definitely skip it. A new season of the previous shows mentioned is coming out soon, so just be patient.

The writer of this article could not get through the whole season, it is that bad.

Rating: 1/5

Emily McGlynn is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email