“The People’s Champ”- Morgan Brown Album Review

Opinion posted February 7, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Morgan Brown

Quinn XCII finally released his fifth studio album, “The People’s Champ” on Jan. 27. The album has 12 songs and includes four tracks with collaborations with artists such as Big Sean, Chelsea Cutler, Adrian Cota, and AJR.

He dropped three singles before the album release which were “Common” with Big Sean, “Let Me Down” with Chelsea Culter, and “The Lows”.

This album was made for those still trying to figure themselves out and who they are in this world. It is about how Quinn XCII has come to terms with who he is and not fighting back against the things that life has thrown at him.

Quinn XCII has spoken out about his struggle with self-acceptance and thinking there are things he needs to change about himself, and this album takes listeners on his journey of self-discovery and learning to love himself as he is.

“The People’s Champ” has the classic Quinn XCII sound that listeners all know and love. It is a blend of fun beats, chilled-out melodies, and catchy lyrics.

A Quinn XCII collab and Chelsea Culter is nothing new, and the song “Let Me Down” on this album did not disappoint. Their respective verses tell the opposite perspectives of two people in a relationship that cannot stand being apart so they keep coming back to each other.

However, every time they are together they end up hurting each other. They sing the line, “I spend my paycheck to see ya, talk myself up in the mirror so you could let me down” together. Their voices blend flawlessly to convey the very real feeling of wanting to be with someone even though it is only harmful to both people in the end.

“Good Either Way” with Adrian Cota is the sixth track right in the middle of the album that gives listeners a bit of a different sound from Quinn XCII.

There are influences from Adrian Cota’s style with groovy guitar chords and the use of a horn. It talks about letting go of worrying about how life goes and sitting back and being good with whatever comes your way.

“All That You Need” is the album's closing track that really gets into Quinn XCII’s head about his personal thoughts. He sings, “All that you need is what you can’t see, but you’ve always had it.”

This line speaks about how he has realized that everything he needs has always been right in front of him, and he no longer has to seek out changes to make for himself. He has no more questions or doubts and has come to terms with the fact that the answers will appear when you stop looking for them.

Quinn XCII has always done well at conveying his emotions through his music. He has allowed his listeners to see a lot of his past life and hear his inner thoughts. He is an artist who gets personal with his fans and doesn’t worry about them seeing the real him.

The album “The People’s Champ” is relatable for those who are also on their self-love journey just like Quinn XCII. Whether it's recovering from a heartbreak, trying to get started in a career or just feeling like life is moving way too fast.

There is a story behind each song on the album that lets listeners know that they are their own People’s Champ, and don’t have to change a single thing about themselves.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Bartender,” “Black Porsche,” “Good Either Way,” featuring Adrian Cota

Reviewer's Least Favorite Songs: “Too Late” featuring AJR, “Backpack”

Morgan Brown is a third-year majoring in digital and print journalism. To contact her, email mkb6529@psu.edu.