A life of struggles

Story/Video posted December 21, 2011 in News by Paul Hann


GLEN ROCK, PA. — Casey Lynch is a senior at York College in York, Pa. She lives in the Glen Rock area with her mother, step-father and sister. It has not been an easy road for Casey growing up, having to deal with the death of her father at age 11.

When her mother, Kathy Lynch, got the call that Dan Lynch was killed in a car accident, their family changed forever.

Casey says she remembers her mother answering the phone and immediately screaming. Casey’s says it was the day she lost her best friend.

Ever since that horrible day, Casey has struggled with the death of her father and her weight.

Casey says that her weight gain was a direct cause from the death of her father. She remembers kids in school would pick on her every day because of her weight. Casey says she still cannot get over and forgive what kids did to her in Middle and High school.

Today, Casey is feeling mentally and physically better. She is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Norm and loves the experience she is getting at York College. She has also started taking steps to lose weight.

Recently she joined up with her fellow theater friends to start a group called, Project Weight Loss. Together, they have a goal to lose at least 20 pounds each. Casey says working out is terrible for her, but that she feels very proud of herself. She says its the new her.

Casey is a member of the theater program at York, and she says she has always been in love with acting.

She says she knows her dad would be proud of her because she is doing something she loves to do, and he would be proud of her for that.

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