Character studies: THON 2012 / Friday and Saturday

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About a third of the students at University Park participate directly in the Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon each year. But the mammoth charity event affects the life of almost everyone on campus. These profiles show experiences from the first two days of THON. Sunday's stories are posted here.

Reporting from the dance floor: Andre Freeman / Saturday night

Andre Freeman shows signs of fatigue late Saturday night. He is one of two students who will be sharing his experience of being a dancer at THON in a series of video reports. He is dancing for Lambda Chi Alpha.

-- video by Andre Freeman

Reporting from the dance floor: Haley Blum / Saturday night

Haley Blum says her feet hurt but the line dance is a morale boost. She is one of two students who will be sharing her experience of being a dancer at THON in a series of video reports. She is dancing for the Penn State Figure Skating Club. In this dispatch she talks about the 2012 line dance.

-- video by Haley Blum

Rules and Regulations committee member protects the BJC

Tricia Kazinetz, freshman Division of Undergraduate Studies major and Rules and Regulations committee member guards doors to keep those participating in THON 2012 as well as the Bryce Jordan Center itself safe.

--by Sierra Dole

Pete Giannopoulos doesn't let a broken leg stop him

This year, Pete Giannopoulos is on the morale committee, trying to inspire the dancers to keep going throughout their time dancing.  His job got a little bit harder though when he injured his ankle. Crutches and a cast won’t keep him from supporting his fellow students and raising money for the kids.

-- by Kirk Dyson

Student with failing voice signs her support for THON

Senior Brooke Prout resorts to signing cheers and support to the dancers of the Sign Language Organization when her voice gets worn out midway through THON weekend.

-- by Travis Patterson

Branch campus dancer's THON journey

Sara Johnson is a freshman who is dancing for the Penn State Shenango Campus.  This is Johnson's first THON and she is overwhelmed with all the support she has received so far this weekend.  Early Saturday morning, Sara continues to fight through the pain to show her support for children with pediatric cancer.

-- by T.J. Hill

A different view of the benefits of THON

Francis Cannella, Vice President of Operations at The LION 90.7fm, believes that THON is for a great cause, but thinks that Penn State and its students could spread the wealth and do more in other areas of concern.

-- by Equille V. Williams

For Luis Santamaria THON's cause is personal

Luis Santamaria, a junior at Penn State, has lost some of his family members and friends to cancer.  While not being a part of big a organization on campus, he wanted to get involved with Penn State’s Panhellenic Dance Marathon and joined the Rules and Regulation Committee. This weekend Luis is committed to provide safety and will help ensure a smooth and secure 46 hours for the family and children. 

-- by Stephanie Olmo

Lo Alessi stages dancer-favorite slides of strength

Senior Lo Alessi is a THON Operations Captain in charge of the slides of strength during THON weekend.

-- by Nick Blake

Student enforces rules to keep THON running smoothly

Penn State student Jasmin Castillo is working atTHON for a second year. She says she loves helping out children with cancer anyway that she can.

-- by Matt Gurnari

Helping Four Diamond families have a good experience at THON

Andrew Lambert has held two different captain positions over the last two years for THON. This year he is a Family Relations Captain.

-- by Bradley Thomas

The inspiration of THON

Accounting major Binti Pathak is one of the many students that dedicated their time on a THON committee all year to make sure everything ran smoothly for the big weekend. She's a part of the Finance committee and was on call at the Bryce Jordan Center for 6 hours. Pathak talks about her duties and how she has been inspired by THON.

-- by Brittany Moses

THON clothes sale quick and popular

Lucy Song, the captain of a THON merchandise committee, is spending the weekend selling THON clothes and other items at the BJC. The sale has attracted a large flow of customers. Thousands of boxes of clothes sold out in less than a day.

-- by Wenqian Zhu

Entertainment captain books bands for THON

Entertainment captain Sam Robins spent the months leading up to THON weekend scouring State College bars for the perfect bands to perform during the 46-hour dance marathon. After auditioning over 30 bands, Robins narrowed it down to seven bands, including popular local bands Go Go Gadget and My Hero Zero.

During THON, Robins escorts each band to the stage, helps them set up and "tear down," and gets to dance on the 4 Diamonds stage with THON children. When she's not helping out at center stage, Robins can be found filming video to broadcast over the two screens framing the stage.

-- by Katie Montgomery

2005 alum still volunteering for THON

Penn State alum, Mike Cocco, and member of the Four Diamonds Fund explains his involvement in THON. He admires how dedicated to the cause Penn State students are and that's why he returns every year since his graduation in 2005.

--by Aqiyla McLean

Captain fights fatigue to feed THON

Kelsey Faber, 22, is a Hospitality Captain for THON. She spends the majority of the year acquiring food donations to feed more than 700 dancers and 300 captains during the 46-hour marathon event.

-- by Catie Driza

Teen experiences THON for the first time

Logan Murphy, 16, had never known or experienced what THON was until she came to visit her brother during THON weekend. When she stepped into the Bryce Jordan Center, she wasn't expecting the "liveliness" of the students.

-- by Tabitha Rinehart

 At her fourth THON, Erica Raizman raised nearly $10,000 as a dancer


Erica Raizman is a senior at Penn State, and has participated in THON every year. Last fall of her senior year she did a co-op that prevented her from participating with a committee, so she decided to be an independent dancer this year. She and one partner raised close to $10,000 with the help of friends and family, to be able to independently dance this year at THON. 

-- by Lindsay Gunderman


5-year-old Noah Mummert steals the hearts of Apollo 12


Apollo 12 is a new THON organization that is sponsoring 5-year-old Noah Mummert, a cancer survivor. We hear the bond that has been formed between the Mummert family and Apollo 12.

-- by Travis Clark

Watching THON 2012 has inspired Molly Cochran to do more next year


Molly Cochran is a sophomore studying criminal justice and this is her first year involved with THON. Her sorority, Sigma Alpha, sponsors a four year old cancer patient with the Four Diamonds Fund.

-- by Shawn Clark

Communications Students Show THON to the World


Penn State Junior Will Monkowski shares his THON experience through the webcast that he is a part of for the third consecutive year. Will is a telecommunications major. Students in Communications 497K, a webcast production course, and volunteers like Will are responsible for streaming the dance marathon live for the entire weekend. 

-- by Kaitlin Cangro

Penn State Lion Line raises money for THON

While dancers fill the floor of the Bryce Jordan Center, senior Michelle McDyre (Criminal Justice) is supervising callers raising money for THON at the Penn State Lion Line. She uses color wars, team beads, and posters to pump up her staff at THON's fund-raising headquarters.

UPDATE: Lion Line raised $190,000 for the Four Diamonds Fund during THON weekend.

-- by Rachelle Thompson

First Time visitors to THON

Sarah Celani, Dana Valinsky, and Ashley Farr were extremely excited to be part of THON for the first time this year and cannot wait to come back next year.  They are experiencing THON with friends that are veterans of the weekend-long marathon, and are having the time of their lives.

-- by George Umbenhauer

It's hard work being THON's babysitter

Senior Lance Gabriel (Architectural Engineering) explains the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to be a Rules & Regulations captain, and the priorities that a Captain should have while watching over the THON participants.

-- by Edward A. Fetner

Reporting from the dance floor: Haley Blum / Saturday morning

Haley Blum is one of two students who will be sharing her experience of being a dancer at THON in a series of video reports. She is dancing for the Penn State Figure Skating Club. In this dispatch she talks about the 2012 line dance.

-- video by Haley Blum

Preserving THON memories

Jess Uzar (senior, print journalism) is the current Editor-In-Chief for the Penn State yearbook, La Vie. The yearbook staff covers the entire weekend. They build the yearbook pages during THON at a computer in press row at the Bryce Jordan Center. They plan to have 32 pages dedicated to THON completed by Sunday evening. The final yearbook deadline is in two weeks.

-- by Allison Williams

Reporting from the dance floor: Andre Freeman / Friday night

Andre Freeman is one of two students who will be sharing his experience of being a dancer at THON in a series of video reports. He is dancing for Lambda Chi Alpha. In this dispatch he talks about learning the 2012 line dance.

-- video by Andre Freeman

An experience like no other

Kendell Taylor didn't know what THON was before coming to Penn State. Now she has been a supporter for the past two years. Seeing the relationships the dancers build with the Four Diamonds Fund children is one of her favorite things about THON.

-- by Michael Ravotti

Reporting from the dance floor: Haley Blum / Friday evening

Haley Blum is one of two students who will be sharing her experience of being a dancer at THON in a series of video reports. She is dancing for the Penn State Figure Skating Club. In this dispatch she talks about beginning her Thon 2012 experience.

-- video by Haley Blum

Reporting from the dance floor: Andre Freeman / Friday evening

Andre Freeman is one of two students who will be sharing his experience of being a dancer at THON in a series of video reports. In this dispatch he checks in at the beginning for the 46-hour dance marathon.

-- video by Andre Freeman


Four Diamond Foundation director shares her love for THON

Suzanne Graney has been attending THON for two years. She is now the director of The Four Diamond Foundation. She is enthusiastic about her experience with the largest student run philanthropy in the world, Penn State's THON.

-- by Morgan Mazzarella

A first-time dancer reflects on what it all means in the early hours of THON


Alyssa Esposito, Penn State Cheerleader, attacks THON with the upmost enthusiasm, excitement and not much fear... Can she do it??

-- by Alyssa Pulice

Scenes from the start of THON

At 6 p.m. Friday, on cue from the Thon Overall, 708 dancers leaped to their feet and THON was officially underway. (Video initially published by the Daily Collegian)

-- video by Kelley King

Erin the THON line dancer

Erin Runnels is participating in THON for the fourth year. Throughout THON, she will be dancing on stage as a line dancer. She plans to alternate line dance shifts this year with another communications committee member. She says THON is a great cause and she enjoys dancing.

-- by Lucy Ukwa

Hours in line worth the wait for prime seats

Members of Ohana, an independent student organization that has raised more than a quarter million dollars for THON since it was founded in 2008, wait outside the Bryce Jordan Center before the start of the dance marathon. They endured hours in line for the chance to lay claim to a block of prime seats for members of the group to watch THON.

-- by Terry-Ann Masters

Atlas member Ryan McElroy can't wait to get into THON

Ryan McElroy, sophomore international politics major, waited outside the Bryce Jordan Center all afternoon in 40 degree weather with his friends for the start of THON.  McElroy, a member of the special interest organization Atlas, says he can't wait to get inside and get to THON.

-- by Hayley Wildeson

A Dancer is excited and worried as THON 2012 arrives


Kerry Bowers is a senior at Penn State and is dancing in THON for the first time. Although Kerry knows that standing for 46 hours will be very challenging, she believes that the support from her friends and family will get her through it. She also plans to keep the memory of her committee’s THON child with her to keep her going.

-- by Erin Torpey

Morale Committee member Christen Thomas has high hopes as THON begins

Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) committee members, friends and family gathered Friday afternoon to support dancers in a human tunnel. The dancers walked to the Bryce Jordan Center with their belongings from the Multi-Sport Indoor Facility. This marked the beginning of 46 hours of no sleep and no sitting for over 700 Penn State students. One morale committee member, Christen Thomas, expressed her wishes for the upcoming weekend.


-- by Sarah Foss

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Kelley King

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Kelley is a Penn State graduate with a major in visual journalism and a minor in sociology. She has interned as a multimedia reporter at magazine in Philadelphia, as a lifestyle writer at the Lansdale Reporter, and worked three years on the staff of The Daily Collegian student newspaper, where she was Photo/Multimedia Chief.
In 2012 she traveled to Rio de Janeiro to do field work for Comm 402, International Reporting.

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T.J. Hill

Graduate / Student

T.J. Hill is a senior at Penn State majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Sociology.  Upon graduation in May, T.J. plans on interning in the marketing/media field.  He has been working towards this goal by interning with Penn State Football as a social media intern as well as a guerrilla marketing intern.  He is currently a reporter for In the Game, a video sports magazine that also airs on WPSU.

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Terry-Ann Masters

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

My name is Terry-Ann Masters. I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in English at The Pennsylvania State University. I am knowledgeable with the computer video editing program Final Cut Pro, as well as the editing program Pro Tools. I have filmed men’s soccer as well as men’s and women’s basketball for the Big Ten Network through Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics. Within Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics I also acted as the Assistant Director, which allowed me to choose and display the graphics on the jumbo tron during basketball games. While at Penn State I participated in PSNtv which (in addition to my time with Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics) familiarized me with various camera types, as well as on screen etiquette. I also took classes that taught me how to do stand-ups, voice overs, packages, familiarized me with various camera lighting and also helped refine my Final Cut Pro skills. All of this has taught me how to put together an excellent package. I have also spent time anchoring, producing, and writing for a radio show. This experience has familiarized me with the radio business and I find that I would also be able to work well in the radio environment.

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Aqiyla McLean

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

Aqiyla McLean is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism at the Pennsylvania State University. She is an aspiring reporter who hopes to land a job in televisions an on-air sports personality.

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Brittany Moses

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

Brittany was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. For as long as she can remember she’s been interested in Marketing and Event Planning. She fell in love with it a few years ago while interning at Access Services located in Orwigsburg, Pa. Her position at Access Services allowed her to go around to all the local radio stations and promote weekly fundraisers as well as the highly anticipated ‘Eggstravaganza’—a fund raiser to benefit mentally challenged adults.

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Alec Fetner

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I am a senior Broadcast Journalism major and Theater minor. I have spent the last four years acquiring skills across media, including video, audio, and print. I am most interested in doing art journalism or criminal justice journalism. I am involved as an editor for PSN-TV, in addition to performing other tasks needed, including camera operating, floor manager, and logging and capturing footage.

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Lindsay Gunderman

Senior / Visual Journalism and Integrative Arts

I am interested in doing still photography and multimedia for a newspaper or magazine. I am an associate creative director at Valley Magazine, where I create advertisements for local businesses to be published in the magazine.

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Rachelle Thompson

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Upon graduation from Penn State I’d like to work within the media aspect of journalism. I am also interested in working as a reporter or a producer for a news station. I am willing to move in order to further my career and am excited to be apart of the professional journalism world.

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Travis Patterson

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I am most interested in becoming an on-air meteorologist.  I have taken several courses to my Broadcast Journalism degree as well as completed a Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting from the Penn State Meteorology department.  Currently I am interning for Weather World, helping to produce and edit the daily 15-minute weather magazine show.

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Nick Blake

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

Sports are some of the most important things in my life. I want to go into sports journalism when I graduate and would be comfortable in any arena, including: television, radio or print.

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Haley Blum

2012 Graduate / Print Journalism

I’m a senior print journalism major graduating in May 2012, and I’m also the editor-in-chief of Valley, Penn State’s student-run life and style magazine. I’ve interned at USA TODAY in its News, Life and College departments for the past two summers, and I’m looking to pursue a career reporting on music or higher education.

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Catie Driza

2012 Graduate / Public Relations

My name is Catie Driza and I am a senior majoring in public relations with minors in music technology and information sciences & technology.

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Matt Gurnari

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I am most interested in have a career in Sports Journalism. In the Spring 2012 I will be interning with Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics, filming sporting events, editing them and then posting them online. I have been to two Broadcasting camps in Philadelphia at Villanova University and at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. I interviewed athletes, and talk show hosts. Also made some videos of our camp.

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Hayley Wildeson

2013 Graduate / Photojournalism

Hayley studied photojournalism at Penn State with a minor in civic and community engagement.  She plans to work for a non-profit upon graduation to combine her passion for multimedia with her love of helping people.

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Sierra Dole

Graduate / Visual Journalism

Sierra Dole is a senior majoring in Visual Journalism with a minor in English and Human Development & Family Studies. She has several years experience pitching stories, conducting research and interviews, and meeting deadlines on time. She is an outgoing individual who loves meeting new people. Sierra plans to work as a writer/editor for a magazine.

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Allison Williams

2011 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

Allison Williams is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Italian. She is currently the Video Editor for La Vie, The Penn State Yearbook. After graduation she hopes to produce documentaries or become a television news director.

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Andre Freeman

Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I am a senior majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in communications arts and sciences. My goal is to work in the television industry. Working by creating, editing, and/or discovering new ways to provide information to people.

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Equille Williams

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I take pride in displaying knowledge in a vast selection of genres. I never wanted to characterize myself as just a “sports reporter” or an “entertainment reporter.” I was selected to compete in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program, placing 17th in the 2011 radio competition.

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Morgan Mazzarella

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

Morgan Mazzarella is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in ethics.  In the summer 2010, the native New Yorker spent her time interning for the New York Yankees single A affiliate, the Staten Island Yankees.  Morgan has gained experience while assisting ESPN with various productions.  Morgan plans to graduate this May.

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Bradley Thomas

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

My name is Bradley Thomas.  I graduated May 5th, 2012 with a degree in visual journalism.  I plan on joining the Marine Corps.  I will continue photography and video as a hobby or a part-time job if an opportunity arises.

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Katie Montgomery

2012 Graduate / Journalism

Katie Montgomery is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in sociology. Graduating in Spring of 2012, she wants to enter the sports broadcasting field. Katie has been a sports writer for The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student run newspaper, for three years and has covered numerous sports including ice hockey, rugby, gymnastics and fencing. After completing a summer internship with The Bourne Braves, a team in The Cape Cod League division, she gained valuable experience working freelance with local newspapers. Katie hopes to cover a MLB team and do on-field reporting for any media outlet, though ESPN is her favorite.

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Tabitha Rinehart

Graduate / Visual Journalism

I am a senior majoring in visual journalism with a minor in Sociology. After my internship with the local radio station (B94.5/WBHV-FM), I went on to become a producer for the same station. I am one of the few responsible for kicking off a morning show for a sister station (Eagle 98.7/WEMR-FM). Working with the State College local radio stations has taught me to be a part of a professional team. I learned to work with a switch board, produce news worthy content to be read on air, and work with editing software such as Cool Edit Pro 2.0. My radio experience has opened doors for me and has helped me advance to my ultimate goal of being a producer in either the film, music, or radio industry.

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Shawn Clark

Senior / Broadcast Jouralism

Hi, I’m a senior studying broadcast journalism. I’ve worked with radio, broadcast news, multimedia, and photojournalism. I also love writing, producing, and acting in short films. I plan on moving to California immediately after graduation and hope to land a job in broadcasting while I work on films.

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George Umbenhauer

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

My name is George Umbenhauer, and I am a senior studying Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Psychology at Pennsylvania State University. I am from the small town of Schuylkill Haven, Pa. I started out at Penn State Schuylkill branch campus as an Electrical Engineering major and found my calling in journalism upon my arrival at University Park. I am an intern at B94.5 (Results Radio) where I am involved in organizing the Morning Zoo Crew and completing various tasks such as story writing, sound editing, and being an on-air personality as an intern co-host. My goal is to own a radio/television company and be in charge of production.

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Kirk Dyson

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I grew up in Springfield, Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Growing up, my life revolved around sports.  I played soccer and baseball from the time I could walk and am an avid hockey and football fan. 

My love for sports and easy-going personality made me decide to enroll in the College of Communications and pursue a career in sports journalism.

I have had the opportunity to intern for a news station, WMGM-NBC 40 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, under the sports director there.  I learned what it was like to be the anchor for local sports and the day-to-day requirements that would come with the job. 

Because of my love for sports, I enrolled in the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism just before my senior year and have been given the chance to write for sports and also learn about sports broadcasting.  In the spring of 2012, I also took a sports broadcasting class in which I helped produce a sports show with my peers.

My hope is to get into the field of sports journalism so I can turn my passion of sports into a job that I will not only enjoy but be excited about.

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Travis Clark

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I’m Travis Clark…I like working in images and video, and mostly take on things that touch me at some inner level. I’m graduating in broadcast journalism in May, but I’ll likely continue to make projects in journalism as well as in entertainment. Some of the pieces you’ll see are unfinished…don’t worry, I’m workin’ on ‘em.

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Sarah Foss

Senior / Journalism

I am a senior print journalism major with minors in sociology and sustainable leadership at Penn State, University Park. Journalism has been an outlet for writing about news and information pertaining to the environment and social issues. As an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to teach two environmental science labs and study sustainable development in Costa Rica and Panama.

Outside of the classroom, I am a regular Eco-blogger for the NSCS blog This past summer, I was an editorial intern at The Marblehead Reporter in my hometown where I had the opportunity to practice reporting, writing and photography. During my four years at Penn State, I was also a dedicated volunteer for The Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) and served as a WALK team leader last year on my morale committee. This year, I plan to donate my hair to wigs for kids.

After graduation, I wish to obtain a challenging and rewarding position related to writing, social issues and environmental problems that will help me grow on both a personal and professional level.

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Alyssa Pulice

Senior / Broadcast Journalism, Minor: Theater

  I knew from the day I started watching E! News, this was what I wanted to do. Never in my 15 years of going to school have I ever second-guessed myself as an on-air journalist. I want to enlighten people to what is going on and would love to develop the skills to report news to the world.

  Being a student at The Pennsylvania State University not only taught me about myself, but taught me things that I will be able to use my whole life. Gamma Phi Beta, the sorority that I had the privilege to be a part of and lucky enough to be the President my sophomore year, has taught me many things dealing with the real world. As a past president of Gamma Phi Beta I was able to show my leadership capabilities by gathering thirty some girls to help the community and to raise money for great causes. I have also been privileged to be a part of two chapters of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, after transferring schools I was granted the opportunity to hold two positions in this chapter, I am one of the members on the Standards Board and a liaison between two chapters.

  I have done so much these past four years at school that I would never take back, it has taught me time management, commitment and responsibility. With all of the activities I am involved in I still have managed to kept my grades up, I have had a part time job and I have managed to have an on-air internship at Magnum Broadcasting. I am a very passionate person and I do seek to accomplish what I set my mind to.

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Junior / Broadcast Journalism/Political Science

I have been writing stories, letters, speeches and quotes since I was a child. I work for ComRadio, Penn State’s online student radio station. I interned for two summers for the Staten Island Advance and in the fall of 2011 I interned for a morning show on WBHV-FM B94.5, a radio station in State College, Pa. I was recently selected to study and intern in Washington, D.C. through the Penn State Washington Program in the fall of 2012. I hope to return to Washington, D.C. or my hometown of New York after graduation to pursue a career in political journalism.

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Stephanie Olmo

Senior / Broadcast Journalism, International Studies

Stephanie Olmo is an aspiring reporter who plans to land a career in the entertainment broadcast industry. As a senior at Penn State, she continues to further her education and prepare herself for the field she always had a passion for. With the knowledge she has obtained thus far and the experience she is fortunate to have gained, Stephanie will be a positive addition in any atmosphere.


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Erin Torpey

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I am a senior broadcast journalism major at Penn State University. I have a minor in English, which was actually my original major. It wasn’t until second semester of my junior year that I realized the college of communications was a better choice for me. I like to think that my outgoing and pleasant personality can help me excel in my future career.
Most students studying broadcast journalism want to be new anchors or professional journalists. My career goal is not the typical answer that most students in my position would say. I would very much like to be a broadcast sales manager for a major broadcasting network. Although I have adapted proficient writing skills and other abilities to be a good journalist, when I was in the hands on environment of a broadcast I saw that there is much more to it than just the talent.
Over the past five years most of my jobs have been in the sales or customer service industry. I have worked for numerous telecommunications companies and I have excelled as a sales representative. I feel that the sales industry is something that comes natural to me. With that in mind, I have a passion for broadcasting and I feel that putting these two loves together would be the ultimate career for me.

Michael Ravotti's photo

Michael Ravotti

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

Michael is one of the sports directors of ComRadio and is a native of Ford City, Pennsylvania; a rural town in Western Pennsylvania of roughly 3,000 citizens.  A senior at Penn State, Michael is majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in kinesiology-movement science.  He is also a member of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State.  Michael has always been a passionate sports fan, as well as a diehard Penn State enthusiast.  In the future, Michael aspires to obtain a job in sports journalism, preferably in a play-by-play broadcasting position.

Lucy Ukwa's photo

Lucy Ukwa

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I am an aspiring entertainment broadcaster. I will graduate from Penn State University in May 2012 with a degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in business and the liberal arts. I plan to utilize the skills I have learned in classes throughout my career in the entertainment business. Laughter is one of the most joyful leisure of life;my goal is to make people laugh and smile through broadcasting.

Wenqian Zhu's photo

Wenqian Zhu

Senior / Print Journalism

I am a senior majoring in print journalism with a minor in economics, and I am from Beijing, China. I am working as a nation and world reporter at the Daily Collegian, the student newspaper. I interned at China Daily last summer as a business reporter, and I would like to combine my knowledge of journalism and economics after I graduate.