Halloween Escape Rooms

Story posted November 5, 2018 in CommRadio, News by Emily Trapani

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – The Forensic Science Club celebrated the fall season while raising money for THON this past weekend by hosting Halloween-themed escape rooms in Spruce and Pine cottages on campus.

“This is the first year we’ve ever done this, but it’s something that we thought would be a really good fundraiser for THON,” club member Marissa Harrison said.

The escape room was open Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday afternoon. Forensic Science Club members spent hours turning a small little cottage into a mystery for many to come enjoy.

“There was a lot of hours going into cutting, gluing, and making all the props and crafts. Everything was homemade by the club and it’s been over two weeks of putting everything together,” club member Jordyn Nattrass said.

Each of the four rooms had a different theme, ranging from “trapped in a toy store” to “prison break.” People were encouraged to try as many themes as they wanted and enjoy them all.



Emily Trapani is a freshman studying communications. You can contact her at eft5095@psu.edu.