Musica Nova

Video posted December 5, 2017 in News by Paige Brokaw


Ellis Durham isn't your normal sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University. He actually is going to school to become a composer.

When he performed in Musica Nova this year, he was the youngest member among the composers. The rest were seniors. He has a passion for music. Writing it, playing it, and listening to it.

He grew up playing video games, and he loved how it was composed. He wanted to learn how to do that. Mario Kart 8 or Shantae Series were some of his favorite video games that made him fall in love with music.

He says he wants to go to graduate school so he can learn more about composing. He hopefully will join the video game industry or the film industry after he graduates. He wants his music to be out there. He wants to make connections with people, and for them to think that he is a good artist. He gets help from his older peers and professors so that in the end he can become a better composer.