Renovations Continue in East Halls

Story posted February 28, 2020 in CommRadio, News by Jacob Cheris

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The East Halls renovations continue as the Penn State Board of Trustees is beginning phase two of the $82.5 million renovation project. The goal of this project is to modernize the dorm rooms and to create a more comfortable living experience.

Many dorms are still unrenovated, but for some, that doesn’t change their experience.

“It’s a lot like living anywhere else in East Halls, but sometimes our equipment will break down,” said Dave Barone, a freshman who lives in Packer Hall.

The new dorms will feature automatic locks, a chilled water station and a lobby area where students can study or hang out.

Freshman Owen Tapt, who lives in Martin Hall, said that he really likes the common area.

“A lot of people just hang out there because it’s got nice couches and a kitchen,” Tapt said. “The biggest advantage would be having individual bathrooms with your own shower.”

The entire project is expected to be completely finished by 2022.


Jacob Cheris is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email