Returning to Happy Valley

Video posted April 17, 2014 in News by Courtney Neal and Shantelle Johnson


Keri Atwell is a Penn State Alumnus, Class of 2014. She graduated with a degree in Visual Arts. Since graduating Keri has been exploring different career paths and has recently landed an internship with a popular art gallery called Gora Gallery, located in New York City. Atwell is also working part time at a restaurant, however she still finds the time to come back to State College and visit her alma mater.

During her visits Keri likes to go the Hintz Alumni Center, visit downtown shops and restaurants, and hang out with sorority sisters who are current students. This past visit gave Atwell the opportunity to show more Penn State pride, as she was able to purchase more Penn State clothing. When asked about her Alma matter, Atwell says she feels nothing but pride for her accomplishments at Penn State University.

(Video reporting by Courtney Neal, edited by Shantelle Johnson)