The guitar player of College Avenue

Story posted March 3, 2013 in News by Matthew Stainthorpe

As a youngster from Philadelphia, Brian Cleary fell in love with the guitar after getting one for Christmas.  After he received his second one as a teenager, his playing took off full motion.

He started out by learning the basics (Mary had a little lamb and the Adam's family theme song). After transforming into his own, he began listening to more and more music ranging from classic rock to rap. His biggest influences came from popular artists that made their way from the 1950s into the 70s. As a true rock and roller, his influences included the Beetles, Rolling stones, Weezer, Guns n' Roses, Alice and chains, the Allman Brothers, and Marilyn Manson.

He progressed to the point where he formed is own band called UnderGun , even though to this day he cannot stand the name. Since going to college and leaving his band behind back at home, Cleary practices every chance he gets.

Also like every other college student, he goes to bars. Not to drink, per se, but to listen to the bands that State College as to offer in order get more tips on how to entertain people.

Still jamming, Cleary ultimately wants to pursue a career in radio to not just make money, but to remain around the one thing that he loves, which is music.