True Life: I Love Makeup!

Video posted December 8, 2014 in News by Doneese Harris


Regilyn Haywood’s first interest in makeup began when she was just three years old, playing in her mother’s makeup. This guilty pleasure turned into the hobby. After three years of perfecting her craft, Haywood hopes to soon start her own business and get paid to make other woman feel beautiful. 

VGhpcyBpcyB3aGF0IEhheXdvb2QgbG9va3MgbGlrZSBhZnRlciBzaGUgaGFzIGFwcGxpZWQgIG1ha2UtdXAgdG8gaGVyIGZhY2UuIA== Haywood also acts and sings. She says makeup is a huge part of her acting because she gets the chance to experiment with different styles that create a variety of different characters. “I use makeup to express myself,” she says. Despite her passion for makeup, Haywood says she is very comfortable in her skin and only uses makeup for fun.

She is also involved with the Thespian Organization and Essence of Joy choir on the Penn State campus. With these organizations, she has participated in many theatre shows, including Chicago. She has plans of auditioning at NYU to study theatre and drama therapy.

Video: Haywood sings "Somebodys's Gonna Love You"


Haywood recently auditioned for The School of Theatre's production of Julius Caesar. She sang "Somebody's Gonna Love You" from The Color Purple the Musical. She was cast as the Soothsayer for the show, which will be staged this spring.


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