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The organizers of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon -- better known as THON -- estimate that 15,000 students participate directly in the event, which last year raised more than $10 million to benefit the families of children with cancer. On the University Park campus, nearly all of the 40,000 students come in contact with the 46-hour event, one way or another. These are their stories from Saturday, the second day of THON. View more stories from Friday and Sunday.


Keeping up the morale


The work of a moraler for THON lasts more than 46 hours in February. It's a year-round commitment to a cause. For Erika Daley, a first time member of the Morale Committee, her only regret is not joining sooner.

-- by Chanukah Christie

THON volunteer among hundreds marooned in lines outside the BJC

Rachel Babcock is a freshman majoring in marketing, who is participating in her first THON as a member of the OPPerations Committee. She spent nearly three hour waiting outside the Bryce Jordan Center to report for her shift Saturday night. Babcock, along with others standing in line, says the wait is well worth the reward of being part of THON.

-- by Lauren O'Malley


BJC access frustrates THON visitors

Students are dancing their hearts out, Four Diamond kids are running around the Bryce Jordan Center as if it was Disney World and live action packed acts are performing on stage at THON. It is no surprise that tons of people are flocking to join in on the fun -- except they can't get into the Bryce Jordan Center. Luann Byerly, a Penn State alum and past THON dancer, was waiting in line to see her daughter who is a THON chair. She had lots of company.

-- by Ashley Pose


Local salon cuts hair being donated to Wigs for Kids

Looks Hair Design employee Kelsie Johnson was part of a team of stylists that invaded THON 2013 Saturday afternoon to cut hair being donated to Wigs for Kids.  Students had to apply to have their hair cut, and had to have an available 12 inches in order to be chosen.  Penn State Senior Margot Marquardt was one of the participants chosen, and was excited to donate since she is student teaching in Altoona and cannot participate in THON committees like she's done in years past.  

-- by David Andrews



Video volunteer

Yingting Tsing has been a student at Penn State for two years. Her first THON experience has been operating a video camera for the Thon webcast. She says she is extremely excited to be able to contribute to THON before she goes back to her home in Taiwan, after she  graduates this summer.

-- by Mengqin Cao


Dancing to their own beat

Andrew Murica, a kinesiology major, and Adam Williamson, a biobehavioral health major, took part in THON Saturday by dancing -- not on the main floor of the Bryce Jordan Center, but in the concourse in front of the concession stands for passerby's entertainment. Murica and Williamson plan to stay at the BJC for at least thirty hours this weekend in hopes to keep people smiling and to continue pumping up the crowd during THON.

-- by Brittany Gehoski

Working a concession stand for THON

Freshman Olivia Grazio is taking part in her first THON by working at a concession stand and helping to prepare meals for the dancers. Grazio says the busy hours and long shifts are all worth it as THON is an experience of a lifetime. She looks forward to working the night away and helping in the fight to beat cancer.

-- by Alexandra Burden


THON as Work


Tim Foy’s first experience with THON wasn’t dancing, cheering or dressing up – it was work. He is an event management intern at the Bryce Jordan Center. He spent THON weekend dealing with crowds, and helping with all the behind the scenes work that goes into putting on THON.

-- by Brian Cleary

A major clean-up OPPeration

Cleaning the Bryce Jordan Center’s bathroom is not what most students would want to do during THON. However, Amanda Rees and her fellow OPP committee members have no problem cleaning the bathrooms during the 46-hour dance marathon. 

-- Jessica Wabara

THON raffles a European trip and Bon Jovi concert tickets

Shannon Howley is in her first year at Penn State and THON. She is already making an impact at the event by helping with the THON raffle. The raffle raises additional funds for the Four Diamonds Foundation throughout THON weekend. Tickets are $5 each and prizes include a laptop computer, tickets to a Bon Jovi concert at the Bryce Jordan Center and a trip to Europe.

-- Billy Kornfeld


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Billy Kornfeld

2013 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

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Brittany Gehoski

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Ashley Pose

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Lauren O'Malley

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I am a broadcast journalism major graduating in Spring 2013. As a broadcast student, in my future professional field of business, I would be interested in reporting as a field reporter or investigative journalist.​

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Alexandra Burden

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Alex is a senior studying at the Penn State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Communication, Arts and Sciences. Throughout her college career Alex has worked for the University’s student run paper as a part of the sports staff.  She covered women’s gymnastics and field hockey as well as Track & Field. She has taken classes, which helped her put together weekly radio television shows as well as packages for television.  Last summer Alex interned in New York City for The Bill Cunningham show during their second season. There she helped the social media department put together their new website as well as assisted the production team in booking shows.  Alex’s dream job is to one day be a producer of a well known television show.

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Mengqin Cao

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I am a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Psychology at the Pennsylvania State University. I have interned at International Channel Shanghai (ICS) in Shanghai Media Group (SMG) in China as a reporter and editor. My diverse cultural background helps me to understand the experiences of immigrants in a foreign country. By using the communication skills I have learned from journalism, I dream of being a psychologist one day.

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David Andrews

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