A Passion For Dance

Video posted December 5, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Yanisa Kongsiri .


Shakira Shafain is a senior double majoring in biotechnology and women studies. Aside from classes and school work, Shafain works 20 hours per week at the dining commons.

Despite this, she still makes time during the week to do what she loves most, dancing. Shafain started dancing a year ago after getting introduced to Korean pop music, and now pursues a Korean minor and spends time teaching herself how to dance in her free time.

She currently uses Instagram as a platform to display her dancing skills. Shafain says “once I’m confident with my dancing, I will consider posting my videos on Youtube.” Shafain is from Malaysia, a conservative country she says doesn’t except Korean pop style of dancing. Despite this, her friends and family are her biggest supporters. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University this year, Shafain plans to go back and work in Malaysia where she will find opportunities to continue her passion to dance.