Best TV Shows of the 2000s

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Everyone brags about being a 90s baby, but what about the 2000s?

In terms of TV, some shows shine bright in this era. In this listicle, the Arts and Entertainment Department take a look at three of the best shows airing in the 2000s.

“Arrested Development”

This American sitcom originally aired on Fox in 2003 and ran for three seasons until its cancellation in 2006. Despite its cancellation, it won six Emmy awards and one Golden Globe. It is also responsible for kickstarting the careers of many successful actors such as Michael Cera and Will Arnett along with directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

“Arrested Development” follows the Bluth family, a former real estate empire that has to bounce back from the CEO and father of the family, George Bluth, being arrested for fraud while his son Michael tries to keep the company and family afloat.

This is a true ensemble comedy whose actors play off one another incredibly well. Some of the most notable scenes in the show come from the cast getting to work in scenes all together.

The humor of this show is incredibly fast paced and heavily uses call backs which explains why the show has built a true cult-like following now that it’s on streaming services.

It is important to note that the show was revived by Netflix for a fourth season which dropped in 2013 and a fifth season in 2018. These seasons are not up to par with the first three seasons and most fans of the show don’t consider these a part of the show.

“Arrested Development” is easily one of the most influential shows of the 2000s and one of the best shows that can be streamed right now. – Sophia D’Ovidio

“That 70s Show”

“That 70s Show” originally aired on Fox from 1998 through 2006. The show had eight seasons revolving around Eric Foreman and his lovable neighborhood pals during their high school days.

The gang spent the majority of the 70’s in a circle in Foreman’s basement. However, the focus of the show was the on and off relationship between Foreman and his next-door neighbor Donna Pinciotti.

The characters of this show suffer from insane stupidity to unbearable awkwardness and every moment of it is relatable to the modern teen. This show is easy to watch because of the witty humor and hilarious plot.

This is one of those shows viewers would watch with older siblings before the parents would get home from work. This show reminds the audience of the simpler times of high school when everything felt more dramatic than it was.

When life gets too tough to handle, “That 70’s Show” is always there to remind you that “We’re all alright”. – Savannah Swartz


“Lost” was an incredible TV show that was full of twists, magic and surprises. What started as plane crash victims trying to survive became a supernatural fiction mystery drama that took all sorts of turns with tons of questions unanswered.

The plane crash survivors start out their lives on the island by designating a leader, the doctor Jack, and trying to find a way to work together to find a way off. This plot shifts suddenly when the survivors realize they are not alone, and the island they are home to is not what it appears to be.

This show spent all six of its seasons’ building enthralling character development for so many of its loved, hated, or loved yet hated characters (which was most of them). The viewers get to see flashbacks from the character’s lives before the crash, fast-forwarded visions and flash-sideways of a whole different timeline.

Be prepared to be confused, emotional and blown away all at the same time as this show delves into what no one could imagine. - Rachel Fisher


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