Coldplay - “Music Of The Spheres” Album Review

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Get ready to space out with Coldplay in their new album “Music Of The Spheres.”

The British rock band Coldplay is still going strong even after their 1996 debut. With over 25 years of experience, Coldplay just released their next hit album “Music Of The Spheres.”

With “Music Of The Spheres,” Coldplay has delivered on their promise to write an album on the universe and the human experience in it.

Right off the bat with the song “Saturn,” where they used the emoji Saturn instead of the word, they used a NASA sounding man telling the listener to get ready for the album while tunes that make the listener feel like they are about to be in space.

That first song represents the entire album so well by preparing the audience for a more space-age sound.

It also showed the unique titling where about half of the songs Coldplay would use emojis rather than names at times. That was a very new touch for an album; that makes the names of songs stick out.

For the ones with actual titles tend to show the message of the song. For example, “Higher Power” deals with the thoughts of love and relates love to being a higher power for humans.

Let’s talk about the songs and their messages.

“Higher Power” shows off Coldplay’s electric beats while the band sings about how a relationship between two people and how they have “higher power” seems to have godly powers over the other.

“Humankind” talks about how humans are only humans, yet they feel like they can be so much more in this big world and beyond. The beats and instrumentals have strong 80s sounding rock.

“Dazzle” emoji is a tune that makes one feel like they are in the stars.

On “Let Somebody Go,” we hear the first guest artist on the album, Selena Gomez. This song tends to be a duet between the lead Coldplay singer and Gomez about how in simple terms that humans must let go of somebody they love at times so they both can be happier. “Let Somebody Go” has a more calm or somber tune throughout for its sadder message.

Right after the first guest appearance Coldplay has, We Are KING and Jacob Collier appear on the song “<3” or heart emoji. This mostly acapella song continues the sadder tune for dealing with the harder and sad aspects in the human heart.

“People of The Pride” has more of an action or blood pumping sound to it. Dealing with the battles of humans fighting others for what they're prideful of. It also manages to connect it to humans searching for heaven and love throughout the universe. It was an interesting thing to connect all these vastly different messages into one short three-minute and 37-second song.

“Biutyful” is talking about what it means to be loved or what it means to be beautiful to someone and the feelings that come with it. To relate it back to the space aspects of the universe, Coldplay used a bunch of space and world metaphors which is fun to point out in the song.

Also, “Biutyful” stood out due to the high pitch automated singing along with the Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin.
“Earth” emoji was a small 21-second song that played the sounds of Earth with human voices.

“My Universe” has a guest appearance from BTS and together the two bands create a poppy-song about how their loved one is their universe.

“Infinity” emoji has an amazing, catchy sound that makes it feel like the listener is returning to Earth after a space adventure that the entire album previous had. There wasn’t any singing in it either, just a beautiful tune.
To wrap up the album is the song “Coloratura.”

“Coloratura” is a ten-minute song which is one quarter of the entire album and the longest song Coldplay has ever made.

Throughout the song, it is piano themed with guitars and drums on the beat to back it up. “Coloratura” is a space epic that shows human’s experience and deals with it in space.

The album of a whole feels like the listener is in space. With the quiet nothingness of space, to lift off and to the giant epic of exploration. The sound truly feels like they experience the emotions one gets by entering space.

The human messages of emotions one strongly relates to gives listeners a story to follow and learn from while they are on this space journey.

Overall, the lyrics and message are meaningful and Coldplay will continue to be a top selling band with this space epic of an album.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Song: “Biutyful”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: N/A


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