Hugs, not hate

Story posted November 8, 2016 in

In the midst of the heated election day, Deirdre Carmichael, a senior community and environment development major, took to the streets with her classmates. The group planted themselves outside polling places in an attempt to help voters de-stress.

Holding signs advertising free hugs and candy, the students put a smile on many faces.

Carmichael said that their goal was to bring people together despite the large separation between the parties this year.

“Everybody is against everybody, it’s been so divisive. We are trying to really just have a campaign to bring people together,” Carmichael said. “No matter what your views are, there is something you can agree on, always.”

Carmichael said they want to help people get involved with democracy in other ways than just voting on November 8th. She said there is always a conversation to hold, and they strive to educate people on the ways their voices can be heard throughout their community.