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So far, “Invincible” created by Robert Kirkman has proven to be an impressive and very enjoyable show just by watching the first three episodes.

It’s awesome to see a series that contains a lot more mature themes, as the superheroes in this show are not afraid to hold back - considering Omni-Man annihilated an entire planet.

However, in episode four the show manages to get even better as we see key story and character developments.
Just like episode three, viewers see Invincible - a.k.a. Mark Grayson - who continues to struggle in balancing his normal and hero lives, especially since he just started dating normal high schooler, Amber.

It raises the question of whether Grayson will reveal his secret identity to her in later episodes, as he ditches his date for Amber to protect astronauts on a mission to Mars, which he manages to bungle, allowing them to be kidnapped by Martians. Grayson also encounters the Martian emperor, who reveals the issue of a parasitic race of aliens called the Sequids, a race of aliens that look like they’re going to be a major issue in the future. It was revealed that one of the astronauts is being manipulated by one of them.

What’s so great about this character is how imperfect and human he is, unlike other shows and films in which heroes are depicted as flawless and overpowered beings. There’s been so much great development of Invincible considering he’s only been a hero for a few weeks.

The search for who killed the Guardians of the Globe also continues, as demon detective Damien Darkblood - most likely a nod to Hellboy - is onto Omni-Man considering him the prime suspect of the murders.

Cecil, the classic “Fed” or “Government Guy” character, also suspects, yet he continues to remain neutral, even threatening to send Damian back to hell.

What happens if Cecil finds out that Omni-Man is the one who killed the Guardians? Many questions are spawned from this, especially since Cecil sends Damian back to hell near the end of the episode, having audiences saddened by the departure of a very underrated character… Or, is it?

Robot, the new leader of the Guardians of the Globe, continues to be a very suspicious character as well. Many fans try to figure out what his intentions are considering the after credits scene that took place at the end of episode four.

We see Robot stare at a strange mutant creature in a tank, and some people have theorized that it could be his potential clone.

Overall, “Invincible” continues to be an intriguing show and future released episodes are held with great anticipation for those watching it.


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