Kaylee’s Victory

Story/Video posted February 28, 2018 in


Junior Kaylee Corl says she started to sing as soon as she could talk. Her playlist at the time consisted of songs from Disney’s Mulan or PBS Kids’ Barney. By the age of nine, her taste in music matured.

“I was always into soul and gospel music,” Corl said. “I would sing ‘Our God is an Awesome God’ by Kirk Franklin and ‘Praise on the Inside’ by J. Moss.”

In addition to singing, Corl (broadcast journalism) plays the guitar, piano, and ukulele. Her first instrument was her aunt’s guitar from high school. The first song she learned how to play and sing was “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin. Now, Corl takes one hour out of her day to practice her instrument of choice.

Corl said music gave her another way she could connect to her religion. She was the first kid to join the worship team at Family Life of Penn’s Valley.

“It was strictly all adults, but I kind of broke that [rule]. Now, there are a lot more kids involved in the worship team,” Corl said. 

However, gospel and soul are not the only genres Kaylee listens to. On her car rides to class or during her workouts at the gym, she blasts pop covers by metal bands. Corl laughed. “It really pumps me up,” she said.

At Penn State, it might be easy for some to get swept up in football, sororities, or Downtown nightlife. However, Corl said she knows where she wants to wind up.

“I want to keep practicing my craft,” Corl said. “I want to get a band together, write music, and tour and travel the world. That would be really, really cool.”

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