NFL MVP Watch: Week 14

Story posted December 6, 2022 in

Upsets, blowouts, shutouts and jaw dropping plays were all present throughout week 13 of the National football league. Let’s see what players continue to make jaw dropping plays and performances to boost their MVP stock:

Patrick Mahomes

Even after a loss to the Bengals, Mahomes has led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 9-3 record and first place in the AFC West. While the chase for the number one seed in the AFC gets a little tougher, Mahomes continues to put up his usual season stats.

This year he has thrown 3,808 yards and 30 touchdowns while rushing 283 yards and two touchdowns. Mahomes is projected to end the season with 5,395 yards and 43 touchdowns which will not only be one of his best seasons ever, but also double some of the stats that other starting quarterbacks have.

Joe Burrow

After struggling earlier in the season, Burrow has thrown for 3,446 yards and 25 touchdowns while leading the Bengals to a 8-4 record. The Bengals opened the season losing to the Pittsburg Steerlers in overtime, now they have just beaten one of the best teams in football.

The Bengals may not be one of the top teams in the league, but with this version of Joe Burrow walking around you can never rule them out of anything.

Jalen Hurts

Many thought that Hurts was either going to underperform and get replaced or he would have a career year because of this talented Eagles offense. Hurts has proved the haters wrong so far this season, throwing for 2,940 yards, 20 touchdowns while rushing for 609 yards and nine touchdowns.

Hurts has not only helped the Eagles get to the 11-1 record that they have but he has carried this team on his back these past four weeks. When the team needed a play he was there to give it to them.

Tyreek Hill

There is an argument to be made that Tyreek Hill may be a top three wide receiver of all time with the abilities and statistics that he has put up through his career. This season has just been a spotlight to Hill’s career with his 1,379 yards receiving and five touchdowns.

Hill has been the main target for Tua Tagovailoa this season and is the main reason why the Dolphin’s is 8-4 and competing against the Bills for the top of the AFC East.

Honorable Mentions

Josh Jacobs

In his contract year, Jacobs has stepped it up like we have never seen him do before. Jacobs leads the league in rushing yards, longest rush attempt and is tied for third in rushing touchdowns in the season.

Josh Allen

While Allen has had his problems with turnovers this season, he is still one of the top passers in the league both in and outside of the redzone. Allen was in the spotlight this week on Thursday against the New England Patriots and he showed the league that he is never better.

Nick Bosa

Bosa has been having a low key great season for the 49ers and this week he proved why he should not only be a candidate for defensive player of the year but the MVP of the league. In the most meaningful game of the year for the 49ers, Bosa shows up and records 3 sacks with one forced fumble.


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