A Passion for Music

Video posted December 8, 2015 in News by Kathryn Carlson


Stephan Burns is a local musician in State College, PA. At the age of five, Stephan fell in love with the guitar. He says he did not take it very seriously until he attended a performing arts high school to study music more deeply. This is when he really began to play around with his abilities.

According to Stephan, his parents are very supportive, but they also know he needs to have a separate major because a music career is not always stable. Stephan writes and plays some of his own music and practices other music as well.

Now Stephan plays the guitar in his free time. He says he is also a member of a band that is working to perform around Pennsylvania. Stephan says music is his passion and he loves everything about it. In the future he plans to continue to see where writing and playing his music will get him.