Meyer Dairy Farm: Proudly Old Fashioned

Video posted December 8, 2014 in News by Colin Bradley


Meyer Dairy farm has been in business since the early 70’s, but entering the door is like entering a time machine.  Owner Joe Meyer calls his business “proudly old fashioned”.  The farm has been around for over 100 years, and that same farm is what keeps the business successful all these years. 

Meyer Dairy has evolved from a place for a customer to get their milk and bread into an experience.  The main attraction is the glass bottles.  Not only does the milk come fresh from their back yard, but it is served in Meyer’s own glass bottles, which have started to become a collector’s item over the years.  Bill Catherman, a worker there who oversees the pasteurization of the milk, says he saw a man selling their bottles at a flea market for forty dollars.  These bottles mind you, cost a reasonable $2.75 when filled with Meyer Dairy milk. 

Over the years Meyer Dairy has remained loyal to keeping it simple and doing it right.  That is why their customers remain loyal to them.  Aside from the glass bottles and the milk itself, the Meyer family has created a place where people can bond and share a memory.  Whether it is trying their homemade ice cream, dining next to the original horse drawn tractor from all those years ago, to watching the milk being bottled, there are many ways that people can escape the present for a moment, and take a peek into the past.

The Milk Process

Bill Catherman explains the process that gets the milk from the cows behind Meyer Dairy, to the shelves in the store.