Students at Penn State start up a business motivating people to work out

Video posted December 5, 2016 in Sports by Yu-Ling Liu


F.E.A.R is a business organization designed for people interested and in weight lifting and living a healthy lifestyle. The business was founded two months ago. 

Luna Ge is a personal trainer with passion; her goal is to inspire other people to eat better, go to the gym more and shre their personal stories. 

“ I follow lots of fitness model on YouTube, and their story just truly inspires me in all different aspects, I like their lifestyle, I like eating clean, it motivates me to do things through out the day,” she said 

Ge said the members of F.E.A.R. hold the same passion as she does, and their goal is to spread the healthy living style around campus.

“ There are girls out there that have the potential to be part of us, that is also what inspires me to work harder and harder, because there are people who rely on me, who think I am inspiring, and it is flattering to me,” Ge said. Her goals are to be an inspirational character to others, and spread her positive attitudes.

U3RhbmxleSBaaGFvIGlzIHBhdXNpbmcgdG8gbWFrZSBzdXJlIGhpcyBwb3N0dXJlIGlzIGNvcnJlY3QuIA==Stanley Zhao is pausing to make sure his posture is correct. Photo by Yu-Ling Liu

Stanley Zhao, the founder of F.E.A.R. said the main way for them to advertise is through social media.

Zhao’s goal is to spread the healthy living style especially to Chinese international students, because eating healthy and exercising regularly is not well promoted in China.

"We upload article once a week on our WeChat Official, which includes basic training tips, training videos and pictures of us,” said Zhao. 

Zhao and Ge said they both know that it is hard to keep yourselves motivated, because working out is a long journey for every individual. 

Their motivational quote is  "Quit fear and start F.E.A.R.”

Workout of the day

Zhao spends a lot of time on giving out training tips and videos, including this workout of the day.