The Best Part of a National Pandemic

Story/Video posted April 13, 2020 in News by Justin Lange


With Penn State and most other nearby schools shutting down for the rest of the year college students have not had much to celebrate. On March 25th my Communications 481 class all recorded videos keeping us all updated on our current situations, what advice we would give our past selves, and what the highlights of the last 10 days had been.

In such trying times I believe the most interesting things I got to hear that day were the good things. How students were bonding with their families, people were being more considerate in public, and how adversity had actually brought people together.

In this video you will hear stories from Lauren Ansell, Amanda Thieu, Jeremy Ganes, Melina Chumley, Caitlin Lee, Kayla Simmons, Lillian Swartzell, and me, Justin Lange.