Two Worlds, One Family

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For her first two years at Penn State, Lesly Salazar’s world revolved around studying for a career in broadcast journalism. That changed April 20,2015, when her daughter Elena Pitilis was born.

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She’s still focused on her career, but she’s equally determined to be a good parent. Her two worlds have made her life busy but worthwhile.

On Twitter, Salazar describes herself as an engaged mom. Elena was born when Salazar was 20, and her fiancé Pete Pitilis Jr. was also half way through his college career. Though it would be tough raising a baby during college, Salazar says she is grateful that she was blessed with a cute and smart child. She said she treasures every minute with Elena.

Salazar is taking 18 credits this semester; 12  are online courses so that she has enough time to care for Elena at home. She only sends Elena to daycare when she has classes.

Salazar says morning is her favorite part of the day because she spends it all with Elena, preparing breakfast and beginning their day.

The Salazar-Pitilis family threw a banana-theme birthday party in the Vairo Village Clubhouse for Elena on the Saturday before her birthday. Family and friends filled the clubhouse to celebrate.


Photos: Finally One Year Old

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Elena Pitilis is finally a one-year-old.

“Singing the birthday song was my favorite part of the party,” Salazar said. She was happy to see Elena loving her chocolate birthday cake, spreading it across her face, with a cheerful grin.


Video: On Being a Dad

Pete Pitilis is in his fourth year of Penn State’s five year Architectural Engineering program. He says he cherishes both Salazar and Elena as his whole world