Keeping the passion alive

Video posted December 12, 2013 in Sports by Alyssa Sovereign


Stephanie Brock is a senior marketing major from south Jersey who came to Penn State on a scholarship for Division 1 gymnastics. She competed with the varsity team for two years before disagreements with the coaches led her to quit the team.

Brock was recruited by head coach Steve Shepard. Shepard resigned before Brock arrived for her freshman year. Brock had a difficult time with the new coaches and Brock left the gymnastics program at Penn State after her sophomore year.

The decision to quit a sport that she loved and  had competed in since kindergarten was a difficult transition for Brock. She didn’t want to lose her love for gymnastics and was sure that would have happened if she had stayed on the Penn State team. 

During breaks from school, and anytime she goes home for a weekend, Brock visits and works out in her gym at home. She also coaches the young kids that attend her gym. She adores the girls that she coaches and still loves the sport – passing her love and skill for gymnastics on to the next generation of gymnasts.